About Cartomancy

In a cartomancy reading, I use a deck of cards to answer your questions and convey insights about your past, present and future.

Cartomancy readings are similar to tarot card readings in that that they are based on a set of symbols with specific meanings that can be used to answer questions.

Love & Relationships

How do I attract the right relationship?
Am I in the right relationship?
How do I attract the right person?

Career and Finance

How do I attract the right job?
Will I find financial stability?

Are phone readings the same as in-person readings?

Many people wonder if there's a difference between an in person reading versus talking over the phone. I receive the same information and insight over the phone as in person.

My recommendation is to make sure you are in a place that feels comfortable and where you will not be interrupted. It helps to have questions ready ahead of time.

Contact Deborah for an appointment

$135.00 for 1 hour reading.
$75.00 for 30 minute reading.
$35.00 for 15 minute reading.
Payment by check or PayPal.


Have a quick question you need help with? A 15 minute reading for $35.
Deborah is available for intimate parties or corporate events.

310 367-4934

Make your next party or event even more interesting and special by having Deborah do readings! Contact Deborah directly for event rates.

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