Lynette Mancuso - Attorney

Deborah Chadwick has an intuitive gift which allows her to contribute information and messages quickly and understandably with razor-like precision and accuracy.

Whether you're searching for clarity, direction, serious answers to specific questions or validation of things you are feeling, Deborah is the best!

Vivien Kalvaria - Author

Not only does Deborah give pin-point accurate information she has a gift for conveying messages with a unique energy that impacted my life in ways unimaginable.

Shannon Smith

Over the past two years I have gone through a major career change in addition to relocating. I sought out Deborah for her assistance and guidance to provide clarity and direction. Her readings were pivotal in helping me reshape important areas in my life and provide coping mechanisms for negative events that were impacting my life. Deborah has a special talent of combining her extraordinary intuitive gifts with a coaching style that has been enormously helpful during my ongoing transition.

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